Teaching Basic Communi-cation Skills

Learn how to help your child communicate better with others

You Can Help Your Child Communicate!

Set up a Fun Learning Environment

Help him enjoy learning

Before you can teach your child how to communicate, he has to be motivated to learn. In this course, you'll be guided through simple steps to creating a fun and engaging learning environment for your child.

Teach Critical Communication Skills

Help him interact better with others

Being able to communicate our wants and needs is a basic social skill that kids need to learn. Throughout the course, you'll learn evidence-based strategies for how to teach your child critical communication skills that will help him interact better with other people.


Welcome & Introduction


  • Video- Welcome & Introduction
  • Pre-Quiz

Setting the Stage: Creating a Fun Learning Environment


  • Video- Creating a Fun Learning Environment
  • Handout- 4 Steps to a Fun Learning Environment
  • Handout- PRIDE Skills

Teaching Requests


  • Video- Teaching Requests Part 1
  • Video- Teaching Requests Part 2
  • Video- Teaching Requests Part 3
  • Video- Teaching Requests Part 4
  • Handout- How to Teach Requests
  • Handout- Requesting Datasheets
  • Link- What is ABA?
  • Link- The Verbal Behavior Approach

Teaching Other Communication Skills


  • Video- Teaching Other Communication Skills Part 1
  • Video- Teaching Other Communication Skills Part 2
  • Handout- How to Teach Labels
  • Handout- How to Teach Intraverbals



  • Video- Troubleshooting Part 1
  • Video- Troubleshooting Part 2
  • Link- Autism Speaks Resource Guide
  • Post-Quiz

About Your Instructor

Dr. Rachel Yosick

Dr. Rachel Yosick

Licensed Psychologist

I'm a Licensed Psychologist who is passionate about providing reliable, evidence-based information and treatment recommendations for families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. During my graduate training, I received specialized training in autism diagnosis and treatment from Marcus Autism Center, one of the leading autism centers in the world. I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology, where I specialized in Child and Family Psychology. I also received specialized training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through the Florida Institute of Technology, and earned my certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). I'm honored to join you on your journey learning more about ASD and maximizing your child's potential!



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